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Current order goes by when how new the post was when I found it, plan to alphabetically organize eventually. Names are stated before the mod, link to reddit post or otherwise website (wherever the original source was) will be linked

Plug and Play LED and other Frunk Mods -

Mamut apto bottom mount for index -

Joeyjoe9876/JChalka's Peripheral FOV LED Mod v2 -

IL1N71PH 70+mm IPD mod -

TootsyPoopster 'Paddle' Gunstock for Valve Index -

Ryan6163 Vinyl Wrap Mod -

PHOENIX-STORMS VICS - Valve Index Cooling System Prototype -

FELIX2244 // - yet another index cooling mod :) -

203NULL Frunk Fan Mod Design -

LORDDRAXAN Index Controller + 3 Vive Tracker 3D Printed Charging Stand (Untested) -

Bitslo Cut Face Gasket in Half to Optimize Vertical FOV -

Joeyjoe9876/JChalka Peripheral FOV LED Mod v1 -

poopisfunnyandstuff 3D printed VR Cover face gasket -

XmisterC The most pointless Frunk/Facelate mod you'll see today -

-tagless- Valve Index Weatherstrip Controller Mod -

Destoxes Also Made A Frunk Cover Mod -

gwizdave Valve up your Index -

auge2 portal themed index controller palm grips -

JacksHQ VR Room for Index -

mrfusion1955 "Orange Box" Carrying Case for Valve Index -

Valves 3D printable STL File for hand boosters -

TheWeirdGuy Vinyl Wrap Mod -

Vivecraft for Valve Index -

JayDub506 shows us Vive n Chill working fine on Index -

enzo69 Aperture Science headset

Snow4us Vinyl Wrap Mod -

erockmx LED Frunk Mod -

PheoniX-Storms Valve Index + HTC Vive Cable Mangement 3D Print -

ShimaVR Custom Index Controller Skins (VR) -

Falconflyer7s Contribution To the Frunk -

Aquacide 3D printed clip for suspended cables -

unisasquatch 3D printed Mahogany Valve Index Cover Mod -

Penislaser2106 showcasing VR Optician Lenses -

Palermo_2 showcasing BCT's 3D printable Index Controller Charging Station -

Joeyjoe9876/JChalka's Guide on how to add LEDs to your Index to increase the peripheral FOV -

-tagless- vinyl wrap mod -

Blippy01 Repairing Valve Index broken thumbstick -

Zenyth3D showcasing the BCT Boomerang 3D printable Controller Charging Stand -

AnonymousHermit Frunk Dual Fan Exhaust Mod, Wide Facegasket Mod, Roll of Quarters -

BCT Vinyl Wrap Megathread -

BCT Supplied IPD Measurement Chart -

Done for now, need to rearrange still